are living: Rutgers’ East Coast Elite football camp, 2nd leg

dissimilar Rutgers recruiting objectives, including class of 2019 Newark N.J. primary linebacker Mohammad Kamara and 2020 Sommerville N.J. tight end Ethan Hilliman, may be on campus Saturday, June 9 for the 2nd leg of Rutgers’ East Coast Elite Camp, as Rutgers’ high college football camp season continues.

meanwhile, Canadian offensive lineman Liam Dick and ny protective back Tahliq battle highlight some of Rutgers’ out-of-state prospects of pastime also set to compete.

We are expecting to bring you are living updates beginning at 10:45 a.m. ET. that you would be  able to follow together with us here as we hold you up-to-date on the entire action.

Todderick Hunt could be reached at thuntnjadvancemediam. comply with him on Twitter TodderickHunt. locate NJm Rutgers soccer .

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